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Lorne offers a variety of waterfalls within proximity and marked tracks spanning over 60km, providing ample opportunity to experience the peaceful ambience created by the sound of flowing water.

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Lorne is known for its natural beauty and is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, especially during the cooler months when the waterfalls are particularly stunning.

Visitors can enjoy the mesmerizing sounds of waterfalls in Australia's Lorne and Otway regions, accessible by various walking tracks through stunning natural landscapes.

Please inquire at the Lorne Visitor Information Centre for more information on the waterfalls.

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Erskine Falls

Erskine Falls in the Otway's is a well-known waterfall with a 30-meter plunge into a lush tree-fern gully. The falls are a sight, even with minimal water flowing into the pool below.

One can drive to the Erskine Falls Car Park on Erskine Falls Road behind Lorne to access the Falls. The first lookout is a 300-meter round trip walk, or visitors can choose to take the 700-meter walk to the base of Erskine Falls, which includes over 300 steps.

Won Wondah Falls

Take a stroll on a 3.6km track to reach Won Wondah Falls. The trail passes through a beautiful fern gully where visitors can admire the area's natural beauty.

Henderson Falls

Henderson Falls is a tranquil trail with gentle slopes leading to Won Wondah Falls and a massive eucalyptus tree. It is ideal for a relaxed outing and is suitable for families.

Phantom Falls

The walk crosses the St George River and follows a vehicle track above the rocky river bed before descending to a pool at the base of Phantom Falls.

The Phantom Falls hike is a 3.5km round trip, suitable for leisurely Sunday explorers. Beyond the falls, a trail leads to the Canyon and Sheoak Picnic Area for those interested in extending their walk.

Both Upper and Lower Kalimna Falls

The Kalimna Falls walk follows a timber tramway used for transporting timber in the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Visitors can walk behind the Lower Kalimna Falls and see the water falling into a large, mossy, rock-filled pond. This is a 6.5km round trip walk. The walk can be extended to 8.5km return by continuing to Upper Kalimna Falls, where cascades can be viewed from a platform.

Sheoak Falls

The walk to the falls is quick and easy and directly off the Great Ocean Road. It takes only 10 minutes from the car park to reach the first view of the falls. Although not the largest, they are beautiful as they cascade down the dark rock face into a deep pool below. The walk is a 2.2km round trip.

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Cumberland Falls

Cumberland Falls is a beautiful river valley in the Otways with many outstanding features. Visitors can enjoy peaceful pools, dramatic cliffs, and stunning views. The 6km return walk can be challenging, with river crossings and unsteady rocks. Adventure-seekers will love Cumberland Falls and keep coming back for more.

Swallow Cave

Beyond Sheoak Falls is Swallow Caves, a charming and scenic spot particularly lively during the spring and autumn when the sun is out and birds are nesting.

Cora Lynn Cascades

The trail at Blanket Leaf Picnic ground is a 4.2km round trip, leading hikers through tall eucalyptus trees and lush ferns to a stunning open area at the base of cascading waterfalls. This picturesque spot features exposed shale ledges, surrounded by ferns and mosses, making it a perfect place for a nature-filled outing.