The Grampians offer stunning views of native forests, rocky ridges, rolling hills and valleys. It is known for its scenic lookouts and hiking tracks, suitable for all ability levels.


Observing the scenery from the observation points

The Grampians feature stunning viewpoints on ridges and peaks, making them rewarding destinations for hikers. Some lookouts are easily accessible by driving, while others require a more challenging trek. A visit to one of Grampian's iconic viewpoints is available during Grampians tours. Enjoy spectacular views, stunning landscapes and native wildlife from the viewpoints of this region.

Reeds Lookout

Reeds Lookout provides stunning views of the Victoria Valley, Victoria Range, Serra Range, Lake Wartook, and the Mt Difficult Range. It is located just a 13km drive from Halls Gap and is easily accessible. Park at the Reeds Lookout car park, take a short walk, and you'll arrive at the viewpoint.

Sunrise and sunset provide optimal lighting for photography and offer beautiful colours in the sky here. Sunrises are often peaceful and serene.

The Balconies Lookout

The Balconies Lookout is a fair dinkum 2km return trek from Reed's Lookout carpark. It offers a view that's pretty much on par with Reeds Lookout, with the light being extra beautiful for snapping photos at sunrise and sunset. It's a real chill spot, not usually packed with crowds. You might even spot some wildlife as we clock our first Echidna here.

Reckon to wait for the sunset to catch the sky's stunning afterglow is a top idea.

Boroka Lookout

A hop, skip, and a jump away, 15km from Halls Gap and just off the Boroka Lookout carpark, Boroka Lookout has viewing decks just a stone's throw from the carpark. It dishes up ripper views of Halls Gap, Lake Bellfield, the Mt William mountain range, and Wonderland, making it a prime spot for sunrise catching.

Catching the sunrise here is a picture-perfect moment, usually quieter, especially on off-peak weekdays. However, be prepared for a bit of a squeeze during the busy periods.

The Pinnacles Lookout

The Pinnacles lookout and track can be hit up via hiking paths from the Sundial car park, the Wonderland car park, and the Halls Gap Caravan Park. Your trail choice depends on how much of a hike you're up for. No worries which way you go; the view over Halls Gap and the Grampians will be ace.

Mount William

Mount William is the big kahuna in the Grampians, clocking in at 21km from Halls Gap and towering at 1167m. You can get to it from Mount William Carpark, and the trek to the top is a bit of a steep one, paved though, taking about 20-45 minutes. Once up there, you're in for a treat with 360° views of the Grampians' rugged landscapes. Best to head up early in the morning or evening for a more relaxed climb and top-notch light for your pics.

At the summit of Mt William, you're spoiled for choice with photo ops and stunning vistas. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to have a squiz and soak it all in. Just a heads up, there's not much shade up top, so bringing water, a hat, and sunscreen is bright.

Mount Abrupt (Mud-Dadjug)

A 6.6km return hike is necessary to reach Mount Abrupt's quiet summit. The effort is rewarded with stunning views of Signal Peak and the Serra Range. The highest peak in the area offers panoramic vistas along the way up and from the summit itself.

There is an option to extend this trail with a 4.4km (return) hike to Signal Peak, which offers scenic views.

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Mount Sturgeon(Wurgarri)

Mount Sturgeon, also known as Wurgarri, is located at the southernmost point of the Grampians National Park. A pleasant 7km round-trip walk takes you through diverse terrain to reach the picturesque peak. You can enjoy panoramic views to the north, including Mount Abrupt (Mud-Dadjug) and the Serra Range. To the southeast, you can see Dunkeld town and the volcanic plains in the distance.

Be observant of the nature along this trail. You may encounter various wildlife and plant species.

Safety in the Grampians

Visitors to the Grampians should exercise caution when exploring viewpoints with steep drop-offs and be mindful of their surroundings. Some popular viewpoints now have fences for added safety. Take care when climbing on rocks, as they may be unstable, and do this at your own risk.

For those considering hiking in the area, especially the longer trails, it is essential to plan and prepare accordingly. Visit the Grampians to provide more information.

These areas have a diverse range of wildlife. Please exercise caution when driving between viewpoints, especially during dawn and dusk.